Grounded in the concept of 'Floral Feelings' danish artist, Johanne Lykke, creates vibrant flower paitings on windows and glass facades.

Lykke explores our intuitive and emotional connection to nature. Currently her work blooms around the city of Copenhagen - now at Demokrati Garagen and later this summer at Tivoli & Villa Kultur.  

The appearance of her glass paintings depends on the sun ray of light and the time of day. The paintings wanders and developes into colourful shadows of the flowers.

Sensation, beauty and to allow oneself to be infatuated by a pretty flower is to Lykke primal and not banal. Flowers are the epitome of life – and the gesture of painting them is somehow existential.   

The indulgence that Lykke finds in the beauty of flowers provides the viewer with a sense of healing, joy and belonging nurturing the presence of life.  

Lykke has a degree in Fine Art from The Jutland Art Academy (2015) and has subsequently lived and worked in New York and Berlin. She is currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

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